Write For Us – Home Decor, Education, & Lifestyle Guest Post Opportunities!

Admin Wells is giving the chance to aspiring writers to be a part of our community through their writing skills. We encourage and support every writer who has a combination of good writing skills and unique ideas.

We believe that a writer is only termed as good when he/she presents their ideas. Informing the reader must be the sole motive of a writer. For that reason, Admin Wells is happy to announce a write for our program for all of the creative content writers out there.

What Is The Eligibility Criteria?

For enrollment in the write for our program, a CV isn’t required and there are no qualification requirements either. We only look for good writing skills and the ability to convey amazing ideas in an engaging way to our readers.

If you love writing and have the above qualities, the write for us program is eagerly waiting for your participation.

Guidelines To Consider

  • We recommend our writers focus on writing engaging content that can retain the reader.
  • Use related keywords in a natural way to make the post rank up in the search engines and also provide a better idea to the reader.
  • All articles should be at least 700 words or above.
  • To boost reader engagement, be sure to write shorter sentences that primarily discuss one idea only. This makes the written content easier to grasp.
  • Minimize the use of passive voice in your article.
  • Most importantly, your content should be plagiarism free and no paraphrasing tools should have been used.
  • Make sure to research your topic before you start writing. Include facts and keep away from false information.
  • Correct any grammatical and punctuation errors before submitting the guest post.
  • Only write on the topics that Admin Wells features on its blog. The relevant categories to write on are mentioned above.
  • Submit your article through a Google Docs link.

Related Search Terms To Include During Submission

Be sure to include some of the below search terms mentioned to let us know your intention for the program:

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Submit your article to seorankbest1@gmail.com. Make sure to wait for 5 working days to let us respond to your email.

Contact Us

If you still have any queries and questions regarding the writing for our program, email us at seorankbest1@gmail.com.